Jennifer Clark

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Georgia Institute of Technology
Associate Professor
Professional Background: 

Center for Urban Innovation, Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts
Director, 2012-present
School of Public Policy
Associate Professor, 2011-present
Assistant Professor, 2005-2011

Selected Publications: 

Clark, Jennifer (2013 hardback; 2014 paperback) Working Regions: Reconnecting Innovation and Production in the Knowledge Economy, London: Routledge.


Christopherson, Susan and Jennifer Clark (2007 hardback; 2009 paperback) Remaking Regional Economies: Power, Labor, and Firm Strategies in the Knowledge Economy. London: Routledge.

Clark, Jennifer (2014) Siting “Scientific Spaces” in the US: The Push and Pull of Regional Development Strategies and National Innovation Policies. Special Issue on Science and the City. Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy.

Clark, Jennifer (2010) Coordinating a Conscious Geography: The Role of Research Centers in Multi-scalar Innovation Policy and Economic Development in the US and Canada. Journal of Technology Transfer. Volume 35, Issue 5. pp. 460-474.  

Clark, Jennifer, Hsin I. Huang, and John P. Walsh (2010) A Typology of Innovation Districts: What it Means for Regional Resilience. Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society. 3(1): 121-137.

Clark, Jennifer (f 2014) Manufacturing by Design: The Rise of Regional Intermediaries and the Reemergence of Collective Action. Special Issue on Reindustrializing Regions: Rebuilding the Manufacturing Economy? Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society.

Patton, Carl V, David S. Sawicki, and Jennifer J. Clark (2012) Basic Methods of Policy Analysis and Planning. New York: Pearson. 3rd Edition.

regional innovation policy