Christopher McCarty

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University of Florida
Director of the UF Survey Research Center
Professional Background: 

Christopher McCarty is director of the UF Survey Research Center at the University of Florida’s Bureau of Economic and Business Research. Dr. McCarty received an undergraduate degree in anthropology from West Virginia University in 1980 and a doctorate in anthropology from the University of Florida in 1992. He has conducted research in Mexico, and West Africa. He has consulted with USAID on projects in Cameroon, Ghana and Jamaica.


Dr. McCarty’s current research interests are in the area of social networks. He has worked on the adaptation of traditional network methods to large-scale telephone and field surveys and the estimation of hard-to-count population, such as the homeless and those who are HIV positive. His most recent work is in the area of personal network structure. He has developed a program called EgoNet ( ) for the collection and analysis of personal network data. Dr. McCarty is currently using this program for a project sponsored by the National Science Foundation to use personal networks as a measure of acculturation among Hispanic migrants to the US and African migrants to Spain.

Selected Publications: 

1. Christopher McCarty, H. Russell Bernard, Peter D. Killworth, Eugene Johnsen and Gene A. Shelley. "Eliciting Representative Samples of Personal Networks." Social Networks 19:303-323 (1997).

2. Christopher McCarty, Peter D. Killworth, H. R. Bernard, Eugene Johnsen, Gene Shelley. Comparing Two Methods for Estimating Network Size. Human Organization 60:28-39 (2000).

3. Christopher McCarty. Measuring Structure in Personal Networks. Journal of Social Structure 3:1 (2002).

4. Christopher McCarty, Jose Luis Molina, Claudia Aguilar, Laura Rota. (In Press) A comparison of social network mapping and personal network visualization. Field Methods.

5. Christopher McCarty and Killworth, Peter Impact of Methods for Reducing Respondent Burden on Personal Network Structural Measures Social Networks. Social Networks 29: 300-15. Other Publications

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