Noriko Hara

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Indiana University
Professional Background: 

I am an associate professor of Information Science in the School of Library and Information Science at Indiana University, Bloomington. In addition, I am a co-director of the new Graduate Certificate in Information Architecture (GCIA) program.


My work is primarily in Social Informatics. My focus is especially on communities of practice, knowledge management, online learning, and e-democracy. I am also a fellow of the Rob Kling Center for Social Informatics. I served the ASIS&T (Americay Society for Information Science & Technology) Special Interest Group on Social Informatics (SIG-SI) as a co-chair. I was recently awarded to a NSF funding (#08-30137) to study molecular biology graduate students’ tacit knowledge transition.

Selected Publications: 

[1]. Hara, N., Shachaf, P., & Hew, K. F. (2010). Cross-cultural analysis of the Wikipedia community. Journal of the American Society for Information Science & Technology, 61(10), 2097-2108.

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Knowledge Management, Knowledge Transfer, Mentors (role of), Tacit Skills/Knowledge