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Jason Owen-Smith | May, 18 2017


IRIS Data Release and Introductory Webinar

Hello!Please join us for a webinar
entitled, “UMETRICS Data in the Federal Statistical Research Data Centers
(FSRDC),” presented by the U.S. Census Bureau and the Institute for Research on
Innovation and Science (IRIS) on June 8,
2017, 12-1 pm EDT. Presenters are Sudip Bhattacharjee (Chief, Center for
Big Data Research and Applications, U.S. Census Bureau), Barbara Downs
(Director, Federal Statistical Research Data Centers, U.S. Census Bureau), and
Jason Owen-Smith (Executive Director, IRIS). An important project that is part
of the U.S. Census Bureau’s Innovation Measurement Initiative is the work of
linking UMETRICS data to core Census assets. The UMETRICS dataset
(Universities: Measuring the Impacts of Research on Innovation, Competitiveness
and Science) was created out of early efforts to document economic stimulus and
is housed at IRIS at the University of Michigan. The UMETRICS dataset includes
transactional administrative data from HR, procurement, and sponsored research
systems, highlighting the people paid and purchases made on research grants
from 19 universities. These linked data are now available
for research in the FSRDC. UMETRICS data without Census linkages can be
accessed through a virtual data enclave maintained by IRIS. Generous support
from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation will allow IRIS to make small research
grants for early and mid-career researchers including doctoral students and
postdocs who pursue projects using these data. Contact IRIS for more information
at 734-615-0015.  This webinar is to highlight the
work of the Big Data Center and the Innovation Measurement Initiative at
Census, provide a detailed description of the dataset itself, give potential
researchers information about how to access the data, and address questions
raised by participants. How to access the webinar: To view slides, we recommend
connecting via computer or mobile phone. Just want to dial in?1.) Dial:   
+1.888.240.25602.) Enter the Meeting ID: 674733673 The webinar will be recorded and
will be available on the IRIS YouTube channel. An additional webinar is scheduled
for June 29, 2017, 12-1 pm with the
same BlueJeans login details. We hope you are able to join us to
learn how to access and use this important resource to better understand the
economic and social impacts of research. 

For questions, please contact Nancy
Calvin-Naylor, IRIS Managing Director, at 734-615-7464 or ************************************************Jason Owen-SmithExecutive Director, Institute for Research on Innovation & Science (IRIS)Director, Barger Leadership Institute (BLI)Barger Leadership Institute Professor of Sociology Research Professor, Institute for Social ResearchUniversity of Michigan