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Caroline Wagner | Mar, 20 2017


From applications to basic science - AAAS proposal

Dear Colleagues,

The AAAS Annual meeting for 2018 will focus on “Advancing Science: Discovery to Application.” This iconic topic has been a theme across many science policy discussions over the decades.
What if we turned the theme around and asked the question about how applications have driven science and advanced “from application to discovery”? Many scientific discoveries has emerged from applications – and a nice part of the story is that many advances have come from military applications and fed back into basic science.

I would like to propose a Symposium session where we explore the dynamic from application back to science. I am looking for collaborators who wish to join me in crafting a proposal with case studies.

Examples might include greater understanding of tectonics gleaned from the Global Seismographic Network – technology instituted to watch for underground nuclear explosions. The GSN has helped create a new subfield of Seismology and greater understanding of tectonics. Gamma-rays from across the Universe were discovered by Explorer-XI, a satellite built to watch for nuclear explosions on Earth. And of course, the Internet (ARPAnet), which was built in response to fears of EMPs.

Perhaps you are working on one of these, or another example? I am looking for others who want to join in crafting a proposal on this topic for the 2018 AAAS Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas.

Applications are due on April 20. Please contact me off the list to discuss the idea further. Thanks.
Caroline Wagner
Ohio State