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Visentin Fabiana | Feb, 07 2017


new publication on team members' learning

Dear All,
My coauthors and I are happy to share with you our recent publication on
team members’ learning.
I hope you will enjoy the reading!
Kind regards,

Title: At the origins of learning: Absorbing knowledge flows from within the team
Abstract: Empirical studies document a positive effect of collaboration on team productivity. However, little has been done to assess
how knowledge flows among team members. Our study addresses this issue by exploring unique rich data on a Swiss funding program promoting research team collaboration. We find that being involved in an established collaboration and team size foster the probability
of an individual learning from the other team members. We also find that team members with limited experience are more likely to learn from experienced peers. Moreover, there is an inverted U-shaped effect of cognitive distance on the probability of learning
from other team members.
AYOUBI, Charles, PEZZONI, Michele, and VISENTIN, Fabiana. At the origins of learning: Absorbing knowledge flows from within the team.
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Volume 134, February 2017, Pages 374–387.
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