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Commerce to hold series of innovation forums

The Department of Commerce will hold four forums on innovation across the country this summer to discuss the role universities should play in economic development and job creation.

High hopes for Brazilian science by Anna Petherick

As President Lula prepares to leave office, researchers expect that innovation will invigorate the economy.

TLS: Applied Visual Analytics for Economic Decision-Making

Principal Investigator(s): 
David Ebert (Purdue University)
Timothy Cason (Co-Principal Investigator)
David Hummels (Co-Principal Investigator)
Anya Savikhin (Co-Principal Investigator)

Award Abstract: Scientists have discovered that individuals are often unable to make optimal decisions when problems are complex due to limitations on cognitive abilities.

Award Number: 

Cooking the innovation pie

EU Commissioner Maire Geoghegan Quinn has turned to the general public for its views on what reforms to Research and Development policy are needed to drive innova

OSTP: Innovation for America: Technology for Economic Growth and Empowering Americans

Innovation—the process of developing a new product, service, or process—is critical to ensuring that the next generation of Americans outperforms the last.

The Culture of Numbers: From Science to Innovation by Benoit Godin


Benoit Godin argues that science desicions are being poorly made, as propper measures in science are not being used.

Daring to Discuss Women in Science

The House of Representatives has passed what I like to think of as Larry’s Law. The official title of

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