SciSIP Awards

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Joshua Rosenbloom
Joseph Heppert, Donna Ginther, Ted Juhl
University of Kansas Center for Research Inc
Economic and Scientific Effects of Federal Investment in Chemical Sciences Research
1064218 May, 01 2011
Erica Fuchs
Carnegie-Mellon University
CAREER: Rethinking National Innovation Systems -- Economic Downturns, Offshoring, and the Global Evolution of Technology
1056955 May, 01 2011
Alan Porter
Georgia Tech Research Corporation
TLS: Revealing Innovation Pathways
1064146 May, 01 2011
Subhra Saha
Cleveland State University
The Economic Spillovers from Science
1064219 Apr, 15 2011
Nathan Hultman
University of Maryland College Park
CAREER: Policy for low-carbon technology investment: A comparative international perspective on emerging economy responses to climate change
1056998 Feb, 15 2011
Lisa Pytlik Zillig
Myiah Hutchens, Alan Tomkins, Peter Muhlberger
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Developing a Social-Cognitive, Multilevel, Empirically-Based Model of Public Engagement for the Shaping of Science and Innovation Policy
0965465 Jul, 01 2010
C. Giles
Prasenjit Mitra, Bernard Jansen
Pennsylvania State Univ University Park
Collaborative Research: CI-ADDO-EN: Semantic CiteSeer X
0958143 Jul, 01 2010
Daniel Neill
Carnegie-Mellon University
CAREER: Machine Learning and Event Detection for the Public Good
0953330 Jul, 01 2010
Gordon Phillips
Ethan Cohen-Cole
National Bureau of Economic Research Inc
Personal Credit, New Firm Formation and Entrepreneurial Firm Growth
0965328 Jun, 15 2010
Hanna Wallach
Andrew McCallum, Hanna Wallach
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Collaborative Research: New Methods to Enhance Our Understanding of the Diversity of Science
0965436 May, 15 2010