SciSIP Awards

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Griffin Weber
Harvard University
Identifying cross-disciplinary pathways to translational science 1360042
Lisa Cook
Michigan State University
The Idea Gap in Pink and Black 1064157
Joshua Rosenbloom
University of Kansas Center for Research Inc
Joseph Heppert, Donna Ginther, Ted Juhl
Economic and Scientific Effects of Federal Investment in Chemical Sciences Research 1064218
Wolfgang Keller
National Bureau of Economic Research Inc
Collaborative Research: The Private and Social Returns to R&D in the Age of Offshoring 1360207
Bruce Desmarais
University of Massachusetts Amherst
John Hird
Scientific Evidence in Regulation and Governance 1360104
Alan Porter
Georgia Tech Research Corporation
TLS: Revealing Innovation Pathways 1064146
Maryann Feldman
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Michael Roach, Janet Bercovitz
The Evolving Research Enterprise 1158755
Arthur Markman
University of Texas at Austin
Kristin Wood
The Science of Innovation: Tools and Methods 0638537
Christian Schunn
University of Pittsburgh
Workshop on the Scientific Basis of Individual and Team Innovation and Discovery 0623421
Brian Wright
University of California-Berkeley
Collaborative Research: The Impacts of University Research and Funding Sources in Chemical Sciences: Publishing, Patenting, Commercialization 1064194