SciSIP Awards

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Matthew Mayernik
Keith Maull
University Corporation For Atmospheric Res
EAGER: Tracing the Use of Research Resources Using Persistent Citable Identifiers
1448480 Oct, 01 2014
Stephen Abrams
University of California, Office of the President, Oakland
Making Data Count: Developing a Data Metrics Pilot
1448821 Sep, 01 2014
Kristina Lerman
University of Southern California
SciSIP: Knowledge Networks and the Dynamics of Innovation
1360058 Sep, 01 2014
Mary Vardigan
University of Michigan Ann Arbor
Collaborative Research: Comprehensive Citation Across the Data Life Cycle Using DDI
1448127 Sep, 01 2014
Stanley Ahalt
Thomas Carsey
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Workshop on Supporting Scientific Discovery through Norms and Practices for Software and Data Citation and Attribution
1448360 Sep, 01 2014
Larry Hoyle
University of Kansas Center for Research Inc
Collaborative Research: Comprehensive Citation Across the Data Life Cycle Using DDI
1448107 Sep, 01 2014
Filippo Radicchi
Indiana University
EAGER: Big Science Survey
1446078 Sep, 01 2014
Louise Kellogg
Joseph Dumit, MacKenzie Smith, Lorraine Hwang
University of California-Davis
EAGER: Development of software citation methodology for open source computational science
1448633 Sep, 01 2014
Robert Frodeman
Juan Rogers, James Holbrook, Diana Hicks, Adam Briggle
University of North Texas
EAGER: Research on the Broader Impacts of Basic Science: Gauging the State of the Art
1445121 Aug, 01 2014
Bruce Desmarais
John Hird
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Scientific Evidence in Regulation and Governance
1360104 Jul, 01 2014