NSF SciSIP Awards

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Usha Haley
West Virginia University Research Corporation
EAGER:Technology Development, Strategic Risk and National Policy: The Impact of Chinese State-Capitalist Investments in U.S. Shale Gas
1661733 Mar, 01 2017
Stephen David
Oregon Health and Science University
EAGER: The impact of mentorship networks on academic research
1646635 Nov, 01 2016
Alan Porter
Jan Youtie
Search Technology Inc
EAGER: Using the ORCID ID and Emergence Scoring to Study Frontier Researchers
1645237 Oct, 01 2016
Gaetan de Rassenfosse
Marie Thursby
National Bureau of Economic Research Inc
EAGER: IPRoduct: A Database of Linked Products-intellectual Property Rights
1645264 Sep, 15 2016
Jonathon Cummings
Wesley Cohen
Duke University
Organizing the Firm for Innovation: A Bridge Between Innovation Strategy and Implementation
1633251 Sep, 15 2016
Chaomei Chen
Drexel University
A Visual Analytic Observatory of Scientific Knowledge
1633286 Sep, 01 2016
Aaron Clauset
University of Colorado at Boulder
Collaborative Research: Academic hiring networks and scientific productivity across disciplines
1633791 Sep, 01 2016
Serguey Braguinsky
Chad Syverson
National Bureau of Economic Research Inc
Entrepreneurs and Markets in Innovation-Driven Industry Growth
1632833 Sep, 01 2016
Jian Qin
Jeffery Hemsley
Syracuse University
Cyberinfrastructure-Enabled Collaboration Networks
1561348 Sep, 01 2016
Daniel Acuna
Syracuse University
EAGER: Improving scientific innovation by linking funding and scholarly literature
1646763 Sep, 01 2016